Lysa Stein-Hardy (SELLER) North Park - San Diego, California:

Christopher's attention to detail is what impressed me most & you can't go wrong hiring an Agent that is also a Marine Corps Veteran! I was referred to Christopher from a friend and after meeting with Christopher I knew it was a good choice. My town home had not been renovated / upgraded in more than 16 years. In order to get the best price, Christopher recommended we renovate the entire town home. I posed many questions along the way to Christopher, asking for his advice, as I did not want to make changes that I would not see a return on. Christopher was very responsive to all of my phone calls / emails and never steered me wrong throughout the entire transaction. After 2.5 months of renovating the property, we finally listed my town home and Christopher immediately sprung into action, utilizing his excellent marketing tools. My town home was only on the market 13 days before it sold! Not only did it sell quickly, but it sold for a higher price, than that complex, had seen for that particular size unit. Christopher makes a point to be present at all the required inspections and ensures all the wonderful aspects of the property are highlighted. I would highly recommend Christopher to anyone thinking of selling their home! Thanks Christopher!

Nicole & Jonathan Joyce (SELLER & BUYER) University Heights – San Diego, California:

What a savior! Christopher worked so hard for us on a tricky situation that was a true balancing act! Not only did he help us concurrently sell our town-home (within a week!) so we could use the funds to buy our new home, but he helped us get the best deal on both ends and negotiated some intense request for repairs that really worked out favorably for us. He also really took the deal across the finish line and saw to everything personally. He was always professional and positive and even though I know how tough the process was, he was never rattled and kept everything well-coordinated. If I didn’t know better I would have thought we were his only clients because he was so responsive and very detail oriented. He was knowledgeable and was a true advocate! Thank you Christopher for helping us find the perfect home with all of our unique needs!

Katherine Alnwick (SELLER) Del Cerro – San Diego, California:

Yes I am happy to say that Christopher Hutchinson SOLD my home in 4 days, with multi-offers. I interviewed 2 other agents and I could go on about the pros and cons, but in a nutshell I will tell you what the 3rd agent told me (Christopher Hutchinson), won me over. I wanted to list my property for more than the first and second agent thought it would sell for. However Christopher simply said "It is your home, you can list it for whatever you want"! He told me how he would market my home and explained that it would be possible that if we did not sell it in 30days we might want to discuss lowering the price and that it may not appraise out at the price I wanted to sell it. I told him I understood, but wanted to list it at what I thought it was worth and Christopher said then “Let's do it”, which he then Did! In four days, over my asking price and it appraised out to the selling price, as Christopher was right by the appraiser's side showing them every upgrade in my home! Christopher even helped me de-clutter my home and had a staff of guys to help do some improvements to my home to ensure I got top dollar. Good job Christopher!  Thank you….

John Agnew (SELLER) Hillcrest – San Diego, California:

Christopher made selling my condo an extremely simple process. His attention to detail from start to finish was exceptional. Our goal was to get top dollar for the property, so Christopher personally hired a painter to paint the entire inside of the condo and paid for everything out of his own pocket, before me reimbursing him for those expenses. Christopher managed the whole process himself and it was a quick "start to finish", as I it was only 11 days and I received a great offer and closed quickly on the sale of my condo. I highly recommend Christopher for the San Diego residential real estate market.

Jason Sobieski (SELLER) University Heights – San Diego, California:

Christopher recently sold my home in University Heights and did an outstanding job throughout the entire transaction! As a first-time Seller, looking to purchase a larger home, I had tons of questions about the selling process. His communication skills are outstanding! I always received immediate responses from him about any questions I had. I am greatly satisfied with Christopher because he is an excellent marketer, has a strong online & offline presence, performed multiple open houses at my home & even took the time to meet every Realtor & their clients at my house, to give them a personal tour of the home.

He protects and represents everyone he works for fairly throughout the process and is very knowledgeable. Christopher is sincerely concerned about everyone he works for and is extremely thorough throughout the process. Christopher has represented me as a Buyer and Seller. No matter what side you are on, Christopher is all about people and safety which is wonderful. Christopher is relationship oriented and not transaction oriented, which is why I would highly recommend him. I greatly appreciate his help, which is why I highly recommend his representation for ones real estate transactions.

Eric Gross (SELLER & BUYER) Del Mar, California:

The short: Christopher is extremely knowledgeable, professional and you can trust him to represent your best interest whether buying or selling a home. His candid advice allowed me to obtain the highest selling price within my subdivision over a 6 year period.

The long: In my previous experiences using realtors I was never satisfied with the service whether using friends or referrals. It seems that they were always telling me what I wanted to hear in order to facilitate a sale/purchase. Christopher actually told me what I didn't want to hear because he wanted me to be informed and make the best decision. Seriously, when we first discussed selling my home, he talked himself out a quick buck in order to maximize my return; giving advice as if it was his investment not just his commission.

When I did decide to list my home, Christopher oversaw all the details and gave me evidence he is the best realtor I could have chosen. We discussed the strategy, had professional pictures, collected peer feedback and created enough interest to make a timely sell without having to comprise on my asking price.

After assisting me in a home purchase and sell, Christopher is still available for questions and checks in on us. His care and dedication really does allow him to stand out. If you want a realtor that will listen to your needs and work to meet them, then I highly recommend Christopher Hutchinson.

Jennifer Dunn (SELLER & BUYER) North Park – San Diego, California:

I have worked with Christopher on both the Buying & Selling side and have always been extremely pleased with his services. Our most recent transaction was the sell of my fixer condo in North Park. With the goal of getting top dollar for the property, Christopher personally hired a painter to paint the entire condo, hired a carpeting cleaning company, hired a company to have the tub / shower sprayed white, hired professional house cleaners and paid for everything out of his own pocket, before me reimbursing him for those expenses.

Christopher managed / took care of the whole process himself, which helped me out tremendously, given I currently live & work in East Lake. Christopher is truly an amazing Realtor! He has extensive knowledge of the San Diego real estate market. He is professional, prompt and always acts in the best interest of the clients. My properties have sold quickly and he always offers great advice. Christopher goes above and beyond for his clients and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Amy Dale (SELLER & BUYER) North Park – San Diego, California:

My husband and I have been very fortunate to have had Christopher as our realtor over the years. The process of buying a home can be very overwhelming and frustrating. When we bought our first home, Christopher was so patient and thorough. He understood how important it was to us to find the perfect home to start a family. Christopher worked 24/7 with us, and held our hands through our frustrations and let downs. Any concern or question we had (which was a lot) he addressed quickly and thoroughly. Now, 8 years later, we have worked with Christopher through multiple transactions, and he has held our hands through each and every one. He is very involved with his community and city, which makes him extremely resourceful. Christopher is the best of the best!

Craig Andrews (SELLER & BUYER) University Heights - San Diego, California:

I have had the pleasure of having Christopher represent me on 4 different real estate transactions over the past 5 years. His negotiating skills, market knowledge, and constant communication on updates are just a few of the reasons I keep Christopher as my realtor . He was able to get me top dollar for my home in North Park, this allowed him to help me find the home of my dreams in University Heights. I would definitely recommend Christopher for anyone either buying or selling your home.

Tim Melodick (SELLER) Fairmont Park - San Diego, California:

First impressions are the most important. From the moment we met Christopher, we knew he was the right agent for us. While his outgoing personality immediately put us at ease, it was his professionalism that won us over. With research in hand, Christopher came to us with a game plan and a level of enthusiasm for our property that erased any doubts we had about putting our home on the market.

Christopher carefully guided us through the process, and true to his word, proved that our best interest was always his highest priority. From the moment our home went on the market, through the escrow period and to closing, Christopher's tireless efforts made our selling experience more enjoyable than we could've ever imagined.

Thank you Christopher, for a tremendous job!

Don & Yi Chi Russell (BUYERS') University Heights - San Diego, California:

To me, when it comes to doing business with people 2 things are paramount: responsiveness and professionalism. IMO responsiveness doesn't mean I might hear back from you a few days after an email or phone message. I want to hear from you in a few hours. Maybe it's the east coast in me, but it's how I run my business. That said, Christopher was aces in both departments. He's an expert, through and through.

In real estate timing is everything and not only did Christopher respond quickly to our inquiries, he did the same for all parties involved in the transaction. Everyone we interfaced with sang his praises. As a matter of fact, the seller's agent for the house we purchased said Christopher was a major reason why our offer was selected among the many they received on the house. He knew working with Christopher meant a smooth transaction from start to finish.

His in depth knowledge of the market was critical in identifying the right property for us. As we are somewhat recent transplants and this was our first home purchase, this was critical. We ended up in a property that was beyond our expectations, with great upside potential.

Christopher is everything you would want and more in a realtor, or any professional in any business for that matter. Don't believe me? Speak with any of his dozens of clients so willing to meet you and tell you their stories. We met many in-person and they confirmed what we suspected: Christopher was by far the right choice...and he's a helluva guy to boot.

Samantha M. (SELLER & BUYER) University Heights - San Diego, California:

I recently decided to sell my Mission Hills condo and purchase a new home. After interviewing 3 real estate agents I decided to work with Christopher Hutchinson. He came to the interview with a proposal of how he would market my condo and a selling price which was higher than the price that the other two agents proposed. He fully explained the process of concurrently selling and buying and put me at ease that he would make the transaction as seamless as possible. He listed my condo soon after and we received 6 offers in less than a week, most over the asking price. Meanwhile, we found our new home and were in escrow on both properties shortly afterwards. Christopher's assistant Lori was phenomenal and worked very closely with me on getting all of the needed documents completed in a timely fashion. She was also really fun to work with. Additionally, my travel schedule was fairly busy throughout the process and both Christopher and Lori worked hard to make sure that I was kept in the loop and that the process was moving along while I was away. Less than two months after my initial meeting with Christopher, we are in our new home in University Heights and very happy with our overall experience with Christopher and Lori.

George & Bonnie Lamb (BUYER) University Heights - San Diego, California:

Thanks for all your help in finding and purchasing our new home in University Heights. What a pleasure to find a real estate professional that shows the integrity, concern for details and high level of customer service that you do. As a program manager, I am very conscious of follow up and execution of commitments. I was pleased to note that you consistently delivered on your promises, many times before we even expected results. Never once in the entire purchase did I have to remind you about a deliverable.

While my wife and I have owned several homes in the past, this was our first California purchase. Your guidance through the process and the fact that you went out of your way to help us understand all of our options was invaluable. While the high West Coast prices and mountain of paperwork was certainly daunting; it helped to know we had someone with your level of experience “watching our back”.

You will certainly have our business for as long as we are in this area. I will be recommending you to all of our friends and associates. If you have any prospective buyers that want to hear more about you from an extremely satisfied customer, please do not hesitate to have them contact me.

Patrick Dale (SELLER & BUYER) North Park - San Diego, California:

As first time homebuyers, my wife and I really needed someone who was exceedingly professional, honest, knowledgeable of the area, and patient. We found all of those qualities in Christopher. He was there with us every step of the way as we looked at countless properties in many different parts of the county. His advice and experience was absolutely key in helping us to finding our dream home in North Park. My wife and I highly recommend Christopher as a truly professional agent who went well above and beyond everyday to meet our needs. We will continue to recommend him to our family and friends.

Cathy Rothwell (SELLER) San Carlos – San Diego, California

Thanks for helping me sell my San Carlos home in one of the toughest markets I’ve experienced in San Diego.  You did a fantastic job marketing my property through multiple presentations at agent caravan meetings, personal contacts and open houses.  Through your efforts I was able to get a price at the very top of my neighborhood market.  I really appreciate how you kept me informed throughout the whole process and were readily available by phone.  Thanks Christopher….

Judy Zorn (BUYER) Downtown - San Diego, California:

Christopher and I met approximately four years ago at an open house. At that time I was just beginning to think about purchasing a home. I had no idea what I qualified for or for that matter what I wanted. We hit it off and started a great working relationship.

During the years, we submitted several contracts, with me always not being sure this was the right home for me. I finally am living am my dream home. The one Christopher and I have been looking for all these years.

Thank you for all of the hard work and energy you put into making the purchase of my first home such a positive experience. Christopher never gave up on me or what I wanted. I can't say enough about the level of service, professionalism and courtesy exhibited by him. The level of talent he displayed is unsurpassed. He always listened to my concerns and provided even-headed advice. In working with Christopher, I got so much more than I ever thought I would!

Christopher was quick and efficient, giving me good advice and consistent follow up. Having his years of experience in San Diego's real estate market on my side was simply an asset without equal.

I cannot recommend strongly enough the services of Christopher.

Mark Clark (BUYER) College Area - San Diego California:

I would like to indicate my appreciation and satisfaction with my new home purchase with Christopher Hutchinson.

During the entire process, he provided a high level of professionalism and dedication with all aspects of customer service. He did not apply the "pressure approach" with his technique, but a steady consistent approach. He answers all questions and educates the customer as part of the overall process. In the home that I recently purchased, Christopher and I prayed to Jesus in the empty house prior to my purchase. Immediately afterwards, the home was made available to me......What a Blessing!!!

His post-sale follow up is equally outstanding and he remains available to continue to answer additional questions, provide continued guidance and insight. In addition, his newsletter provides timely and useful articles and information. I have recommended his services, both residential and commercial, to my friends and family.

Jennifer Dunn (SELLER & BUYER) Talmadge - San Diego, California:

Christopher is absolutely great to work with. He helped me buy my first home for a great deal and the when I decided to move of course I asked him to be my listing agent as well. He knows the market extremely well and is very attentive to your needs. He knows what things to do to help get the asking price or over . My house just sold for over the asking price in less than a week which was unbelievable to me.

He keeps you informed of updates and has great negotiating skills. He always has your best interest in mind and works extremely hard for all of his clients. I would definitely recommend Christopher for anyone either buying or selling your home.

James Hickman (SELLER) Talmadge - San Diego, California:

I wanted to thank you for all of your help selling my home in Talmadge. You did an outstanding job marketing the property, following-up on all inquiries, showing the home, advising me, etc. I really appreciate all the help and assistance along the way - even more so given the fact that it was a slow real estate market at that time. Despite this - you made it happen!!! Thank you!!!".

Michael Schodroff (SELLER) Springfield, Illinois:

I wanted to write a quick thank you for all of your effort in selling my investment property in Normal. There were quite a few extraordinary situations related to this property that you were able to handle flawlessly. I am sure that your experience with my property will adequately prepare you for anything you might see in the future. For that, you are welcome. Heights

More seriously, your continued high level of communication throughout the entire process kept me in touch. Since I remained in Chicago throughout the process, it was incredibly reassuring to have you on the ground, managing every aspect of the sale process.

I look forward to the opportunity to repay all of your help. In the future, I would be happy to recommend anyone I might know to use you as their Broker. Please let me know if there is anything I might do for you.

Nora & Saul Elias (BUYERS') Pacific Beach - Phoenix, Arizona:

My husband and I were looking for a vacation home in San Diego to stay in during the hot summer months in Arizona. I requested property info from five Realtors on the Internet and Christopher was the only one who responded! I instantly felt like I was dealing with someone that was honest, helpful and who was truly concerned about getting us the best deal on a second home. Christopher patiently helped us with everything it took to purchase our vacation home and this was not easy being that we live in another state. Christopher worked very hard for us and I would highly recommend Christopher 100%!

Luke & Stephanie Anderson (BUYERS) El Cajon, California:

My wife and I recently bought our first home. Being this was my first time, I do not have any experiences to compare Christopher with but I can't imagine any Realtor being much better. I was living in another state during the process and I had to find a home during a one-week trip to San Diego. Christopher had several properties lined up and ready for me to look at within an hour of landing at the airport. Thanks to all his hard work and time my trip was a success. I felt like I was at the top of his priority list throughout the entire process. I was very fortunate I had Christopher as my Realtor and he will be the first person I look up next time I am in the market.

Dave Pessin (BUYER) University Heights - San Diego, California:

Working with Christopher made my home buying experience run very smoothly. As a first time home-buyer, I had lots of questions about the buying process and Christopher proved to be a great source of information. He was especially knowledgeable in the Uptown San Diego neighborhoods. He was almost always available to provide assistance and was very responsive in returning phone calls & arranging meetings. Christopher also provided me with some very useful real-estate related contacts that I ended up using and also had good experiences with.

Chris Strauss & John Burn (BUYERS') Talmadge - San Diego, California:

From the very beginning of starting our search for a home in San Diego you have exemplified all of the qualities that one should look for when choosing a Realtor. Being unfamiliar with the area, you took the time over a number of months to show us different neighborhoods and point us in the right direction to where we would be happiest in San Diego.

Making a move from New Jersey to San Diego seemed like an insurmountable proposition, but with your help and professional guidance, we were able to find a home within our budget in our dream neighborhood. From the point of finding a prospective home you guided us through every step of the process and made purchasing our home seem effortless due to all of your hard work and attention to detail.

Your diligent efforts were especially important and appreciated due to the fact that we were living in New Jersey throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend you to anyone seeking expert representation for any of their realty needs in San Diego.

Thank you again for making our move to San Diego a success.

Sam & Judy Wurtzbacher (BUYERS') Talmadge - San Diego, California:

Just a quick note of appreciation for your time and talents in assisting us with the purchase of our recent home. As you know, it was a very complicated purchase that required patience, perseverance and professionalism, which you aspire to throughout the entire process. You will be the person that we will call on for our next real estate venture and we will certainly recommend you to our friends and business associates. Thank you again for your expertise.