Point Loma is a long peninsula, wrapping around the entrance to San Diego bay. A ridge is carved through the peninsula that falls and rises again over 50 feet, sloping to the water on either side. The peninsula is bordered on the west by the seemingly infinite ocean and on the east by San Diego bay, which boasts incredible skyline views all the way to Mexico.

Because terrain is so hilly, many Point Loma homes have fantastic ocean, bay, or canyon views. Roads wind around the landscape, dotting many different and eclectic styles of homes. Many Point Loma homes are upscale and some construction dates back to the 1920s and 1930s.

Seventy percent of Point Loma real estate was built between 1950 and 1980. Upscale areas include Silvergate and La Playa. Point Loma homes are large, many have views, and each home has an individual charm. East of Rosecrans is taken up with military installations. The airport lies just beyond, adjacent to Downtown. West of Rosecrans is residential with older homes on wide streets, dotted with authentic lamp posts. Apartments and condos account for about one third of Point Loma’s housing.

The southern half of the peninsula is taken up by a Federal Reservation and a monument to Juan Cabrillo, who discovered San Diego Bay in 1542, resides on the southern most tip.

From this point, views to the east show the skyline of downtown San Diego, the Cuyamaca mountains, and the bay. To the south, Mexico stretches down, and to the west, the Pacific Ocean extends beyond the horizon. This is possibly one of the greatest harbor views in the world.

Shelter Island, a man made peninsula on San Diego Bay, is the home of the San Diego Yacht Club, host to the America’s Cup as well as several marinas, hotels and restaurants. You can take fishing and whale watching trips from here out into the ocean. Other Point Loma activities include boating, water sports, and surfing along Sunset Cliffs. There are also parks and trails along the coast and within the canyon with breathtaking views. Downtown is very close by. Schools rank in the 70th percentile in the state. This Oceanside community is also home to Point Loma Nazarene University.